Get Micro Drone 2.0+, The Upside-Down HD Camera Operator

Drones carrying cameras often lack the flexibility that their human counterparts have when shooting videos. Micro Drone 2.0+, which is now available on Walyou Deals, can turn upside down and film in HD, for a completely unique way of immortalizing special moments.

The ability to fly inverted isn’t exactly new, as many drone manufacturers have played with this idea for a while. However, the problem with must drones flying inverted is that they don’t usually pack enough power to also carry a camera, so drone owners typically have to choose between doing fun tricks with their UAV, or getting one that can carry a camera, but can’t flip. Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD Camera: Inverted Flight Edition, as its name strong suggest, is equipped with a camera that’s capable of shooting videos in HD resolution, and can also turn upside down, for cool tricks and amazing effects.

A change of perspective is always welcomed in videos, and you don’t need to work on movie sets at Hollywood to achieve that. As a matter of fact, all you need is a small drone that can fly in an inverted position. Well, truth be told, not just any UAV, but the Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD Camera: Inverted Flight Edition, since this is the only micro HD-camera drone in the world capable of achieving this feat.

Developed by Extreme Toys Ltd., the Micro Drone 2.0+ employes a pre-programmed algorithm that enables it to perform 360-degree flips. More than flips, the drone can actually fly upside down, and all you need to do to see that is flip a switch. After deciding how to fly it, the drone uses self-righting algorithms and sensors to stabilize to its horizontal flying position.

The drone sports a USB rechargeable battery, and a full charge lasts 45 minutes, enabling it then to fly for up to 8 minutes. In terms of range, it is functional at up to 400 ft away. As for the camera, the module is capable of capturing both videos and photos in 720p at 30fps.

That resolution and frame rate are perfect for filming not only kids playing, but also scenery and landscapes while visiting a new country. Aerial photography can certainly give your vacation a different twist. After all, anyone can take photos and shoot videos at ground level, but filming yourself and the ones beside you from up above is definitely not everyone can do. Not to mention that by doing so, you no longer have to ask others to hold the camera!

The Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD camera can be purchased on Walyou Deals for $99.99 (42% off the MSRP of $175). You can lower that price even more by referring a friend, action that gets you a $10 discount. That’s a very reasonable price, considering the uniqueness of this drone and its inverted flight video shooting capabilities.

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