Take a Ride on a Modernized Vintage Airstream

If you have a vintage Airstream, the exterior is fun and amazing, but the interior is often dated and not very aesthetically pleasing. So why not get it renovated to look sleek and modern?!

Everyone wonders what it would be like to rent a campervan and go across country. But have you seen the inside of these caravans? Many of them, especially the vintage Airstreams, are completely out of date and do not provide the amenities a person needs to have a good travel experience. And those bathrooms? Yeesh.

Matthew Hofmann, part of the Santa Barbara, California based Hofmann Architecture, looks to make your caravanning trip a good one. If you have a vintage Airstream and a dream, he can make it happen inside. Look at the bathroom in this Airstream! It looks a lot nicer than most bathrooms in a house!

And you can even get a full-on workstation as well, including computer, printer, and anything else necessary.

Here is the before of the Airstream:

And the after:

So much space!

I don’t know about you, but this campervan looks a whole lot better than my apartment.

If you have a vintage Airstream and want it totally renovated, Hofmann and his team can definitely help you out!

In the meantime, picture traveling cross country in this baby! It is probably a lot nicer than most hotels along the road!

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