Modular Tetris Shaped Cat Scratching Blocks For Gamer Kitties

The beloved video game Tetris has inspired countless creations throughout the globe, and this last beauty we see here has to do with keeping our feline friends happy, while remaining useful. 


Us geeks have a reputation for being huge fans of everything kitty related (I mean, just look at how that whole Internet thing turned out), but it’s not like our furry buddies are perfect. No matter how active, fun or cute they might be, kitties have a soft spot for destruction and do have a tendency to take out their aggression or playfulness on some of our favorite things at home. If you were wondering how to stop cats from attacking everything, but also add a geeky flair to your house, there is something we’d like to introduce to you: meet Katris, a wordplay on cats and tetris inspired modular cardboard car scratching blocks in tetromino form is from the Tetris series of games, all designed and built by Papercraft Lab. The idea is to create furniture that is more than just a cat scratching post, and that are actually useful as shelves when stacked, or make them double as shelves, tables, or whatever else users might need.


As the creators explained to our pals at Geekologie, “Katris is a cat climbing tree, a bookshelf, a cat scratcher, a coffee table, a shoe rack, and so much more. In fact, the ways that you can interact with and use Katris are limitless. Katris gives you the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild to support your creative curiosity.” The really cool thing about Katris, though, is that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a cat or not, these blocks really do look great on their own and are fantastic decoration by themselves: useful, symetrical, and malleable, which are all the things you could ever wish from this type of product.


The feline members of our families do have a reputation for deciding that our furniture is more of a toy than their actual toys are, and so our sofas and beloved furniture passed down through generations end up as glorified kitty scratching posts – but it’s not like you can get mad at your cat. They just absolutely do not care, which is why these Tetris modular blocks are such a great idea. Buying these is like paying a “I just want to stop caring” tax, which should do wonders to improve your relationship with your four-legged buddy. Less stress means leading a longer life after all, doesn’t it?


Take a closer look at the blocks in the video below these lines. Be warned, though, there might be way too much cute content in it, and if you’re at the office or workplace your mates might end up making fun of your squealing. We won’t blame you, though, it really does look amazing.

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