Tech Enthusiast Creates Playable Tetris T-shirt

A do-it-yourselfer creates a unique mobile version of Tetris that doesn’t require a smartphone or a gaming handheld.

Tetris shirt Marc Kerger image

I remember as a kid playing Tetris on my Pikachu yellow Game Boy Color (hey, don’t laugh!), thinking how it couldn’t get any better than this. Fast-forward to 2014 and now someone on the Internet has fashioned a playable version of the classic block-puzzle game on a t-shirt, basically leaving my childhood nostalgia in the dust.

Presented in all its ingenuity, is Marc Kerger’s Tetris shirt. Fully playable – albeit from an unusual “stare down at your chest” position – and powered by 128 LEDs, an Arduino single-board microcontroller, and a few batteries, all smartly embedded within a simple cotton tee. Here’s Marc explaining how his Tetris t-shirt works.


Pretty awesome. Sure, it might not be able to track your score, but for a do-it-yourself project? A highly technical one, I might add! It’s brilliant. Who knows where t-shirt based video games can go from here? Today, Tetris? Tomorrow, Super Mario 3D World?! Okay, maybe not.

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