Monkey Kit Is the Ultimate Stand for Your Tablet or e-Reader

Monkey tails are famous in the animal world for providing their owners with a great sense of balance when contracted, while also maintaining their flexibility. The Monkey Kit is a tablet stand that combines exactly those features.

Octa, the company that designed the Monkey Kit is comprised of people who love technology and animals in equal parts. As tablets and e-readers are adopted by more and more people, the need to have a proper stand increased exponentially. Their product, the Monkey Kit, is very convenient, since it is very flexible, but also safe, rigidity being its main feature, once set into a position.

The Monkey Kit will provide your tablet or e-reader with a much-needed tail. It attaches to the devices with a vacuum pump system that is very reliable, according to Octa. After securing it, the tablet or e-reader can be rotated, not to mention that the tail can be curled in different ways, to achieve the best position.

The stand can be used in various environments. For example, reading in bed would be a lot easier, as people could focus their entire attention on the book, rather on how to hold the e-reader more comfortably. At the gym, listening to music keeps people motivated, and watching clips of how physical exercises should be done will improve the performance.

As the project is featured on Kickstarter, the ones interested in buying a Monkey Kit are required to pledge $80 (early bird special) or $90 (regular price) there. The project will be funded on February 21, and by then, it will have raised several times the necessary amount. At press time, there were 30 more days to go, and the backers had already provided 2.5 times the $20,000 goal. The ridiculously funny thing is that some companies include various types of goodies for larger contributions on Kickstarter, in the form of limited editions of their products, but Octa decided to throw in an LED table for the ones backing the project with more than $10,000.

The only major problem with the Monkey Kit is that it resembles the XFLEX stand quite a lot. The latter was also featured on Kickstarter, but got funded on January 10. Oddly enough, the developers of the XFLEX stand also needed $20,000 to kick start the mass production of their device. It seems that’s the magic number if you want to start a business in this niche. Both these stands focus on flexibility and employ a vacuum system to hold the tablet/e-reader in place. I hope the companies won’t sue one another, since both products are pretty impressive.

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