Seeing The World Through Spider-Man’s Eyes

Well, no, Peter Parker hasn’t become a real, live human being and started showing off his radioactively induced super powers in the streets of the cities you and I live in. Some people just like jumping from building to building.

Ethan Swanson, that looks like someone who’s pretty athletic going by his youtube channel, filled with Gymnastics videos, decided to try and find out what it feels like to be flying around, or at least jumping around from rooftop to rooftop using only his guts and legs, instead of “cheating” by shooting webs to make it easier for him.

Spider-Man jumping

Well, he does need to practice on his landing a bit, and suiting up like Spider-man might make his jumps around Chicago a bit cooler and maybe even a media-attraction, but judging by this next video, he seems to be on the right track to emulating the original New York Superhero.


If you’re into Spider-Man and not people jumping off roof tops, you should check out these brilliant artworks of Spidey villains, or this girl who got herself some wicked look with an incredible piece of makeup on her face, emulating venom.