Star Wars Most Expensive Star Wars LEGO Sets

Most Expensive Star Wars LEGO Sets

Being an avid collector means spending a lot of money on some awesome but very expensive things like High End Star Wars Lego Sets that are part of some limited collection. Even if you can’t afford to buy one, just looking at them and imagining you own it is pretty fun.

Most Expensive Star Wars LEGO Sets

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

This is the Millennium Falcon! Of course it costs a lot of money! It’s the greatest spaceship in the universe, Star Wars or others. It’s also the biggest LEGO Star Wars model ever with over 5000 pieces and comes with Leia, Han, Luke, Obi-Wan and Chewie mini figures. You can buy and built it for $6,932.20!

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runne











It’s a trap! Well, not exactly. You know the price, and you know it’s going to take you a very long time to build it. But for those who want a rebel blockade runner that’s meant to burst through Imperial sieges, maybe the $3,490.50 it costs doesn’t sound like much.

Lego Star Wars Death Star II

Lego Star Wars Death Star II

Built to scale with original, this death star model comes with 3,417-piece set and a display stand and sits 25 inches high, just so you know the $2,939.49 you pay for it aren’t going to waste.

LEGO Star Destroyer

star wars lego sets LEGO Star Destroyer

For those who are into recreating scenes, there’s a mini blockade runner included. Voices? You can do them yourself. Buying it for $2,749.99? That’s for the 3,104 Pieces, which result in a model that’s over 3′ long. 

LEGO Star Wars Set #10134 YWing Attack Starfighter

star wars lego sets LEGO Star Wars Set #10134 YWing Attack Starfighter

The Y-Wing fighter didn’t really have a lot of success in the Star Wars films, but if you can pay $2,199.99 for it, maybe you have a rich enough imagination to imagine a better ending for the pilots onboard.

LEGO Star Wars Episode 1: Darth Maul Sculpture

LEGO Star Wars Episode 1- Darth Maul Sculpture

Made out of 1860 pieces, this is probably one of the creepier ways of spending $2,149.99 on LEGO or anything Star Wars related.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder (10129)

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder

The T-47 airspeeder features two wing-mounted laser cannons and a rear harpoon cannon, a special display stand and a collector’s stand, made out of 1457 pieces so you can imagine knocking over AT-ATs. Buy it for $2,069.99

LEGO Star Wars: Cloud City

LEGO Star Wars set- Cloud City

Not a lot of good things happen to our bunch when they visit Lando in Cloud City, but it’s a super cool place, one has to admit. It includes 7 mini figures and is made out of 698 pieces. You can buy it for $1649.99.

LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer

LEGO Star Wars set Super Star Destroyer 10221

Not just a Star Destroyer, but a Super one, including mini figures of Darth Vader (almost worth the entire price), Admiral Piett, Dengar and Bossk. It’s made out of 3152 pieces for you to assemble, and measures nearly 50 inches (124.5 cm) long and weighs nearly 8 pounds (3.5kg). You can buy it for $1,040.

If you are looking for a more affordable star war lego, check out our 5 Amazing Star Wars Episode VII Lego Sets or just visit Amazon Best Sellers, Star Wars Lego

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