My N3RD Lets You Control Gadgets from Remote Locations

Wild Hare’s My N3RD is a smartphone-controlled device that gives you total control over your gadgets, regardless of how far you are from them.

This smart switch does more than just opening your garage door or turning on one of your light fixtures. My N3RD (that’s basically 1337 for nerd) is capable of turning on or off anything that has a switch. On top of that, the device turns the said things into smartphone-controlled gadgets.

Wild Hare’s Derick Schweppe gave a very detailed explanation of how My N3RD works: “In the simplest of terms, My N3RD is a smart switch. It allows you to upgrade switches to remote control via your smartphone or give a simple switch some more intelligence, like the ability to be latched or set to a timer. My N3RD also works with a variety of power sources, so it can be used for home automation type functions or in a mobile environment like the car.”

According to Schweppe, the Internet of Things could suddenly become something much bigger if My N3RD would be put to use: “It is true that in some cases wiring My N3RD to a device could void its warranty, but we think our customers will be willing to do so in order to upgrade an obsolete device into a smart connected one.”

Schweppe also pointed out the dramatic change that is caused by adding My N3RD to common gadgets: “Other products on the market do not have the versatility to work as a mobile solution or to change the switch functionality of the device. Most products only allow the consumer to control the AC power to the appliance, which makes them ineffective for appliances with standby modes and more sophisticated controls.”

The company is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, and it looks like Schweppe is very optimistic about this campaign: “We are very confident we will get funded. However, in the event that we do not reach our goal, we will take the feedback from the campaign and go forward with developing and launching My N3RD. We will continue to pursue OEM clients and develop the My N3RD ecosystem through those partners. We would love to see the My N3RD technology in as many products as possible, and we are pursuing relationships with IFTTT and other Cloud Based Technologies.”

For this campaign, there are no early bird spots, but $75 can secure you a My N3RD module. Assuming that the project will get funded (and by the looks of it, there’s no doubt about that), the modules should be ready to ship in July.

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