Nerf Raider Gun with Foam Darts

How many times has each one of us pretended to be in a fight with someone, or on a mission and held up our fingers to form a gun for our defense and not surprisingly hum the James Bond theme song?

Well, here is a product that will give you even more reasons to do what’s described above, but with a change. The change would be that this time you’ll have a gun that will actually scare the person you are trying to defend yourself from, and will make you feel like a real action hero. To top it all, you’re humming of the James Bond or Mission Impossible theme song will have so much more significance.

The Nerf raider gun shaped toy comes in a mixture of bright blue, orange, and grey colors. Instead of releasing bullets, this nerf gun ejects out darts, which makes you look just so much cooler. So don’t be surprised if the opposite person surrenders to you, and ends up laughing when he /she sees the dart flying out of the nerf raider gun! And you can get all this for just a price of $47icon.

The darts are made of foam, so it’s very safe to play around with the nerf gun. You can act all bossy and convince the opposite person to surrender, but little do they know your gun does not have bullets, instead has darts and these darts are completely harmless!

The nerf raider fun can hold up to 35 darts, which is more number of darts that can be stored by any other nerf blaster available in the market till date. So, you don’t have to worry about a refill very soon, as long as you shoot the darts out carefully.

So, be it playing with your kids, friends, or family, get the Nerf raider gun out of the closet and have a good time with your loved and dear ones, in a totally fun but harmless way!

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