Bigger Than 8 Bits: Giant NES Controller

When it comes to old technology, people never seem to become bored with crafting new creations using old technology as the base. For one creator, a great coffee table was created modeled after an NES controller, but it also doubles as a real controller as well!

I can remember spending countless hours as a kid playing with friends on the NES (at least until the N64 came out), and every once in a while I like to revisit some of those old games as well. The only problem is that now, my hands are acoustomed to the controller of an Xbox 360, and the simplistic, elegant, and comforting controller of the NES is something I’m afraid of breaking in the heated moments of battle… If only there was a bigger controller for the NES. Something that those who were able to enjoy it in it’s glory can now use…

Thankfully, crafty designer Cybergen and his friend Jocke have stepped in to secure the needs of all.  The have created a giant NES controller coffee table, and with a little ingenuity have also created a functioning controller on the top of their table!

While it may not be the first time something like this has been done, the creative side of this designer has certainly shown through, including along the sides of the box some of the favorite and well-known characters from the glory days of the NES, and also featuring a nice storage bay which provides a bunch of space to store all of your favorite accessories and games, or whatever else you can find to fit into this giant controller!

This controller is something I would love to have in my living-room, and certainly would be a great conversation starter. Plus, could you imagine playing Mega Man or Zelda on this!? It would be one intense game, thats for sure. Thankfully, I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking my precious controller either, as this big controller appears to be able to hold up all the nerd rage that I can throw at it.

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Via: Hap Happy