Lighten Up with the NES Advantage Joystick Desk Lamp

Being eco-friendly seems to be a trend among geeks these days. To join in with the Green Geek Revolution, why not reuse your old electronics and make them into something new? That’s just what this tech fanboy did to his old NES Advantage Joystick.

NES Joystick Lamp

NES Joystick Lamp 2

This artwork was recently sold on Etsy for $20.99.  Created by username Recycled Retro Gear, this fascinating desk lamp does more than just light up a room. As the artist’s tribute to the 1987 classic gaming console of yore, this NES Advantage Joystick desk lamp is also an awesome work of art worthy of bragging to your friends. Your guests will definitely be envious about this classic piece of Nintendo history.

NES Joystick Lamp 3

NES Joystick Lamp 4

To create this masterpiece, the artist removed the joystick knob and replaced it with the lamp fixture. It completely lights up with the help of any regular 40 watt bulb. Though you can still press the chunky A, B, and Turbo buttons to your delight, there was no indication if these will affect the illumination level of your desk lamp.

Recycled Retro Gear has been recognized in the Etsy community for bringing old things back to life. Some other works include bracelets made from Nintendo and Atari cables, a NES Advantage clock, and USB flash drives from old Nintendo gaming cartridges.

Just when you thought that anything related to NES was dead, think again. There are actually tons of other unique pieces that used the classic gaming console as inspiration. Take for example this delicious looking Super NES cake, complete with fondant controller.

Also, you can add that extra touch of flair to your living room by installing this giant NES coffee table. How about merging your love of NES with your passion for Apple products? You can do that by wrapping your iPad in a handmade NES controller sleeve.

Via: Design Buzz