Super Nintendo Console Cake

Have you ever wanted to eat a Super Nintendo console? Of course you have; what sane person wouldn’t want to? Alright, so dining on a slice of SNES may not be on your to-do list, but it might be after checking out this awesome Super Nintendo sculpted cake by Kristen Waterman.

I grew up with a variety of video game consoles, but the SNES probably best defines my childhood. The system was loaded with amazing games and, unlike the N64/PSX era, the simple but solid graphics still stand up well to the test of time. It’s easy to go back and play classics like Super Mario Kart or to marvel at the sprite graphics of Chrono Trigger. It’s no surprise, then, that while many gamers may still have their NES or N64 lovingly packed away, it tends to be the SNES that holds the retro spot hooked up to the entertainment center right alongside more modern consoles.

Super Nintendo Cake 3

Super Nintendo Cake 2

Super Nintendo Cake 3

This seems to have been the case with this cake as well, a birthday cake for the designer’s husband modeled after his favorite video game console, the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This cake is a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, with plenty of fondant on the exterior, lovingly sculpted to represent the classic console. The end result is a bit cartoony in appearance, owing to the difficulties and awkwardness of fondant, but everything is there. From the labeled power and reset buttons to the controller ports to the controller itself, there’s no mistaking this creation for something else. Even SEGA fanboys have to admit that this is a (delicious) work of art.

Baking has its own crowd of geeks, but there is still plenty of overlap between bakers and gamers. As proof, I present you with some more amazing creations such as the Tetris Cake, Mario Bros. Chess Cake, and this fantastic Pac-Man Cake.