New Matter MOD-t Is a Desktop 3D Printer for Enthusiasts

Once a field dominated by industrial applications, 3D printing is now becoming more accessible, not to mention more affordable. New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer is an example of both, as it is crowdfunded and comes at a relatively low price.

A day and age will come when every household will have a 3D printer. As with conventional printers, the consumables might actually be more expensive than the device itself, but in time the prices will inevitably drop, while the quality will rise. New Matter made a purpose from creating a desktop 3D printer that’s easy to use and affordable, while also providing great quality. MOD-t, the latest 3D printer developed by this company, seems to tick all the boxes.

What makes MOD-t a lot cheaper than its counterparts is the 2-axis motion system that moves and supports the build plate at the same time. In numbers, this 3D printer measures 380 x 280 x 365mm and weighs 5kg, fact that makes it quite suitable for desktops. It is also customizable, to some degree, as buyers can opt to get it either in black or white.

Another aspect that distinguishes MOD-t from other similar products is the online model store that will be launched simultaneously with the printer. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make your own designs at home, just that a lot of relevant models will be available right away for you to download or buy.

On top of that, New Matter will enable people to sell their designs and earn money. This is definitely a new take on 3D printing that other companies dared not approach.

New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer was featured on Indiegogo until the end of July, where it raised nearly double the initial goal of $375K. Since the campaign was successful, anyone who pledged $249 will get their MOD-t printer in June 2015. Judging by the success of this project, I’d say that a lot of people were excited to have a 3D printer on their desktop, and considering the low price and the innovations brought by New Matter, MOD-t clearly made it to the top of their lists.

The Indiegogo page has far more details than I could write in here, including technical ones, so if you’re into that, head over there to learn more about what MOD-t can do.

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