Off Roadin’ Ollies and 360s with the Latest Skateboard

For those who want to go off-roadin’ on their skateboards but keep getting stuck in the grass, there is a new solution! A new off-road skateboard provides the opportunity to do your favorite tricks, including indys and kickflips.

For all skateboard fans, it can be difficult to push wood down those grassy knolls. And what about skateboarding down rocky terrain? Standard skateboard wheels, while they allow for extreme flying down hard surfaces like asphalt, they tend to get stuck on other terrains. Let’s face it, those plastic wheels are best reserved only for hard surfaces. And while there are options out to smooth over the dips and bumps, these options are chunky and oversized, making it difficult to skateboarding tricks. Now Rockboard, a hybrid scooter maker is looking to release the Descender.

This all-terrain skateboard has treads that are more reminiscent of tanks then regular skateboard wheels. While you may not reach top speeds or get the thrill offered by some other off-roaders available on the market, all you need is a little bit a practice and course planning and you will definitely be in for a wild ride!

The specs are not fully published but what is known is this board will have dimensions of 31 x 10 x 5 inches and can handle riders weighing up to 200 pounds (90 kilograms). There are 36 wheels total beneath the deck organized into triple-wheel sets that are heavy duty and built to last. The rubber tread around the wheels allow for maximum traction, even on the grassiest of hills.

The Descender was at the February Toy Fair in New York City and it received “Best in Play” from Parenting Magazine. It will retail for $120. Once the new off-road skateboard is made available on the market, replacement parts will also be placed on the market.

While you may not be able to do major tricks at the local skatepark with this skateboard, there is always the thrill of going down the side of a mountain to get your heartbeat going and your blood flowing! With the Descender you will be able to turn any grassy mountain into your own personal halfpipe!

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