Egg Vending Machine: Just In Time For Easter?

Now this is something you’d never thought you’d see: an egg vending with living chickens inside… that protests animal cruelty. What a combo!


This is an egg vending machine, a machine with caged chicken (real chicken, mind you) that was placed in Frankfurt, Germany. The bad news is that it doesn’t actually lay fresh eggs at all… actually, it confronts whoever gets close to it with a message: “68% of all the chickens in the world are treated like egg-laying machines”.



The whole point of this was to ask pedestrians to only buy eggs from ethical egg farming. There was a demonstration for the hen’s right to a fair life, and after that all chickens were safely returned to their organic farm. See an explanation of how the project went in the video below.

We first heard about this story via our pals at Toxel. If after this campaign you happen to still be in the mood for easter eggs, check 25 Awesome Easter Eggs and Top 15 Geeky Egg Shaped Gadgets for Easter.