New Year New Skills: 10% Off Everything Except Pay What You Want

New Year resolutions are all about making changes for the better. That may include learning new skills, getting gadgets that improve productivity, or purchasing software that makes the best out of the little spare time most of us have. Regardless of which one of these is more adequate for you, Walyou Deals has got you covered, and to get you started on the right foot, it provides a 10% site-wide discount for everything you might want, except for Pay What You Want Deals.

First things first, the 10% discount that you can use today until midnight is applied on top of the already discounted prices, and since sometimes we’re talking about a reduction of cost that can get to 95%, the additional rebate can only be good news. Secondly, all of the products (be them physical or digital) pictured below represent the most frequently purchased items in 2015, and that should give you an idea about the types of technology that shaped last year. From drones and innovative cameras to hacking bundles and VPN subscriptions, these are only some of the products that improved people’s lives, and now that there’s an additional 10% discount, they can improve yours too, for even less money.

While dash cams can act as an eyewitness in the event of a traffic incident, thus keeping safe on the road, lifetime subscription to PureVPN or really any other VPN service featured in our store can help you enjoy your favorite TV programs while traveling. If you’d rather invest in your future, you might want to check the lifetime subscription to the OSTraining Developer Courses.

Photographers have been quite busy this past year, making the Lytro Illum camera one of the most frequently bought items. It’s easy to understand why, though, as Lytro Illum has the ability to change the depth of field after taking the photo, something you don’t get to see in many other cameras.

Accessories for mobile devices such as the ExoMount Touch universal car mount or the Kinkoo 40W 6-port high speed charger also witnessed a spike last year.

Not at last, there have also been a lot of drones listed in our store, and Code Black managed to attract the most attention, even though the others are not to be neglected, either. Before buying a drone, however, you should think of its possible applications. On top of that, you should find out whether it needs to be registered with the FAA or not.

To get last year’s best products or to check some of the recently added ones, head over to Walyou Deals and skim through the categories in the search for the items you need. Don’t forget to add the NEWYEAR10 coupon code during the checkout procedure, and remember that Pay What You Want deals do not make the subject of this discount. It’s great deals such as the ones found in our store that help you approach the new year with a lot more optimism!

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