Tidy Up Your Inbox with a Free 3-Month Sanebox Plan

Not many people make a New Year’s resolution out of keeping their inbox clean, but this one should really be on everyone’s list. The 3-month plan to Sanebox, which is offered for free on Walyou Deals, will make your inbox unrecognizable.

Sanebox, a cloud-based e-mail management SaaS (service as a software) developed by the Boston-based eponymous company, is meant to analyze past e-mail usage to determine which messages are important, and which ones should be stored away, never to be seen again. Walyou Deals offers you a free 3-month subscription to the Lunch plan of Sanebox (typically $12/mo in value), which includes two e-mail accounts that can be managed using this service, SaneNoReplies, SaneConnect, SaneAttachments and SaneReminders, as well as 5 optional features.

When creating the Sanebox account, you will have to mention the e-mail account you’d like to use it for, and to provide the password for it. That may sound like a horrific thing to do in our time and age, when digital account passwords are among the best kept secrets. However, you needn’t worry, as Sanebox is a reliable service that is entrusted with passwords even by Fortune 500 companies. Besides, this service has been reviewed by many reputable online publications that wouldn’t have endorsed it if it weren’t trustworthy.

During the next step, you need to write your first and last name, and select your time zone from a drop-down list. Also at this point, you need to pick a password for the Sanebox account. As usual, make sure to use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Basically, the longer and the more complex the password is, the more safety it will guarantee.

Once you do this, Sanebox will register your account and will proceed to analyzing your e-mails. The importance of the senders is determined based on your past interactions with them. When the analysis ends, you’ll notice that a new folder named SaneLetter has been created in your e-mail account. That’s where unimportant e-mail messages, both present and future, go. Of course, you can also train Sanebox by dragging unimportant e-mails yourself.

The second folder, called SaneNoReplies, includes e-mail messages you’ve yet to respond to. That will surely improve your workflow, if you happen to receive a lot of messages you need to reply to.

The following video should give you a better idea of what Sanebox is and how it works:

Typically available for $108, the 3-month plan to Sanebox is offered at no charge on Walyou Deals.

Since inbox neatness is often associated with great mental health, anyone who’s scared to confront their inbox each morning should give Sanebox a try. There’s really nothing to lose, as you don’t have to pay anything for this 3-month plan. All you need to do is create an account at our store and share on Google+, Twitter or Facebook the page of this freebie.

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