Back To The Future: Marty McFly’s Self Drying Jacket Is Real

We go forwards and back in time to bring you the best gadgets from all eras before they even come out. So now you get to meet the self-drying jacket (SDJ) Marty McFly wears in the iconic Back To The Future 2. Read all about it here!

Marty McFly Jacket

Throughout 2015 we saw a lot of nostalgia products, all related somehow to Back to the Future. We saw the limited edition of Pepsi Perfect, Nike’s MAGs inspired by the movie, and even a few hoverboard designs, some of which work better than others. Still, 2015 has just ended and the 30th anniversary of the original film has passed so stuff coming from now onwards didn’t quite make the deadline – but despite this, it’s not like these gadgets are any less awesome. One of such creations is Marty McFly’s self-drying jacket, which thanks to a Kickstarter project by Falyon Wearable Tech is now a very real thing. It’s not quite an exact replica from Marty’s jacket (copyright and all, we guess?) but the company did take the movies as inspiration, and on top of everything, it works just like in the movie.

Marty McFly Self-Drying Jacket

This jacket is being called the SDJ-01 (for Self-Drying Jacket), and shares a similar design to Marty McFly’s jacket, but updated with more pockets and better materials. Yet, the important bit and the one that truly makes a difference is that it actually works. Falyon have made a jacket such that in combining water-proof materials and high pressure air that circulates in an enclosed space. it can self-dry at an incredible rate. Basically, the jacket uses air amplifiers to make air circulate, and then expells it through exhaust pipes, a process that is only possible thanks to the rechargeable battery it carries.

With the push of a button, literally, the jacket begins to dry. It works great if you need to dry the water from the rain, for example, taking as little as one or two minutes. Sadly, it’s fairly more complicated if the wearer has, say, fell into a pond, but let’s cut them a break and admit this is amazing. This project, which asked for 12.000 dollars on Kickstarter quickly fulfilled its goal, and now interested customers can buy the first few batches of jackets for 150 or more. Be quick, though, they’re selling like hotcakes!

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