Near Field Communications (NFC) coming to cars soon

Near Field Communications (NFC), the technology that allows to easily pair your smartphone with any other device might soon be coming to cars all around the US.


Recent reports indicate that car manufacturers and developers are looking into NFC functionalities for their new models in order to allow their users to pair their smartphones and other gadgets with their vehicles. The report comes from a Dutch company called NXP, who claims to be working on this technology, and how to apply it on a big scale, which they assume will be ready by 2016. What companies would benefit from their services remains to be disclosed.

What NFC would allow, exactly, is to pair your gadgets with the vehicle’s entertainment system, and make it easier to play your favorite songs, or use your phone as a GPS, amongst other options. Furthermore, the phone could recognize user profiles, and automatically set up seat positions, climate control, and so on. While not game-changing, it sure does sound nice.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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