Dining like a Ninja at NINJA New York

When an offering is made from the heart appreciation is sure to follow. Same is the case with New York residents. When they enter a place like Ninja New York on Hudson Street they cannot help but appreciate the entire set up … food, ambience, and services.

Ninja New York is a restaurant located on 25 Hudson Street, New York. The combination of Ninja and New York might be a little unusual but that hardly matters. In the heart of New York the founders of the restaurant have managed to recreate a Ninja world. The resemblance is very close to the life led by Ninjas in Japan way back in the 18th Century.

Once you enter the restaurant you will be surprised at every step. The first thing that hits you is the ambience. The interiors have been designed in a manner to resemble Ninja lifestyle. The kind of furniture, the stone walls, the lighting effects with torches at regular intervals, the suspended chains, the sliding doors, all take you into a whole new world. All tables in the restaurant are set way apart from each other. In fact, each table is like a secluded area. While you are amidst so many people yet you may enjoy your own private space. You might even forget that you are in the middle of a buzzing city like New York.

The waiters serving you add on to the effect of the Ninja world. Their attire will give you a glimpse of what Ninjas wore and how they carried themselves. You might even get to see some Ninja tricks performed here. Having come to a restaurant you would definitely expect some quality food and this is exactly what you get here. There are a range of cuisines offered along with authentic Japanese food. Some dishes are labeled Ninja specific if you really want to delve deep into the Ninja world.

Your Ninja experience does not end with your food and drink. If you wish you can carry it back home with the Ninja stuff available for sale. You can make your pick from Ninja t-shirts, Ninja gear and Ninja star. For a nominal price any of these could be owned to be taken back as a fond remembrance. Some may argue that the food is a bit overpriced but where else could you get such an impressive experience? After all food is only a part of the whole thing. With an excellent team effort in place Ninja New York manages to give every visitor a wonderful and an unforgettable experience.

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Via: Ninja New York