One of the World’s Most Adaptable Fridges: Nord Concept

Most of us don’t mind not having a widescreen HD TV on our stainless steel fridges … however, finding a place to put the ketchup that could’ve fit into the fridge if the shelf was a half inch higher is a bit of a problem.

That’s what really caught my eye when I was looking at the Nord Fridge concept: its simple, sleek look actually highlighted its adaptability. What sets it apart from all those ordinary, mere mortal muggle fridges? Let’s have a look.

Nord Fridge Concept

Firstly, it stands out due to its unique design. I’ve never seen a fridge that lights up with this unique neon light. On one hand, it really is quite modern, but it will likely make more “traditionally-minded” consumers cringe a bit. The rectangleness of it is unusual, given the trend towards streamlining furniture and appliances. Nonetheless, its design is still very clean and cut, although I think it could stand to be a bit sleeker. The tinted glass is a great touch, and adds for a preview of what’s stored in the fridge. “Honey, you forgot to buy cheese strings again!”

Nord Fridge Concept Spinning Tray

I’ve always hated having to reach my hand over leftovers and other inconveniently-placed items, or even worse … having to pull out these irrelevant items and rest them on the counter, only to get to that cream cheese at the back of the fridge. It’s quite inconvenient to have to put everything back into the fridge! With this turning shelf, the problem becomes smaller as you can simply spin the shelf to get to whatever’s at the back. I think this might not be as effective given the fact that items can simply be placed in the corners, but it’s a great attempt nonetheless and could work with careful placement. Realistically though, I don’t intend to carefully place items and stack them where they’re most convenient.

Nord Fridge Concept Adjustable Shelf

This shelf with changing height allows us to finally stack those orange juice cartons and ketchup containers upright! The Nord Fridge concept also features a cellar for drinks, compartments designed to keep the greens fresh, and a bunch of other wonderful features. Check it out on Behance and show some love by Appreciating it!

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Via: Behance