Gamers Urge Nintendo To Take a Stand On Same-sex Marriage

Nintendo has a long history of priding themselves on being “for everyone”, but now a group of fans are asking them to take an active stance, after some controversy.

Tomodachi Life

One of Nintendo’s most recent offerings, Tomodachi Life, is a title based on friendship, love, and partnership. Some of the in-game content is only unlocked after the miis (that is, the player’s representation of themselves in the game) get married, but the game only allows heterosexual couples to do so. A group of fans have organized themselves under the hashtag #Miiquality in order to get Nintendo to update the title and allow their relationships to happen in-game, or to straight up acknowledge its absence instead of keeping suspiciously quiet.

Movement starter Tye Marini explains that “because the game has such a huge focus on relationships, this is a problem for many LGBTQ gamers. I believe this is a significant issue that should be resolved or at least acknowledged by Nintendo, so I started a movement in hopes to convince Nintendo to add same-sex relationships to Tomodachi Life via an update, or at least ensure that it is included in a future sequel—the Miiquality movement. I believe this movement could not only potentially influence Nintendo’s stance on the issue and future game development, but the video game industry as a whole as well. If a mass audience Nintendo game like this supported same-sex relationships, it would be a huge step forward for the industry.”

Source: Kotaku

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