The Next Nexus Tablet Could be a Product of HTC

HTC has had two hits with its One line, leading many Android enthusiasts to wonder what a new HTC Nexus would be like.  Soon it might not be up to imagination.


Google’s Nexus branded phone lineup was originally kicked off in 2010 by HTC with the Nexus One, which has largely been considered by many to be the best Android phone of its time.  In the 4 years following, HTC has produced many hit phones including their EVO lineup, and now the One lineup, while Google has continued the Nexus brand with Samsung, LG, and ASUS.

Considering the reception of the Nexus One, as well as the appreciation for both brands individually since that time, there has been a steady clamor for HTC to produce another Nexus device.  A new report from DigiTimes suggests we may soon see just that, although not a Nexus phone, but an HTC Nexus 8 tablet.

Many reports have suggested that Google may put an end to the Nexus program soon, which would be a symbolic end if HTC is the one to bring the program full circle.  The Nexus program has served many purposes, but market penetration was one of the biggest benefits.  The Nexus 7 did just that with the tablet market, and now that Android is much more common for tablets, there isn’t as much of a need for Google to be the one pushing the standard when other OEMs are producing better devices that are more in-line with Google’s design standards.

The Nexus brand is known for being both high quality and low price, so it’s not known how HTC would approach a Nexus tablet, considering they have pushed more of a premium device standard with their One brand.  Their last foray into the tablet market was with the HTC Flyer/EVO View, which was a 7″ tablet and one of the first to introduce a proprietary stylus of the kind that later achieved popularity with Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

Whether the device is a full body aluminum tablet like the new HTC One (M8), or a soft touch plastic more in line with the Nexus device from LG and Asus, HTC is likely to bring quality manufacturing to the table.  The Taiwanese manufacturer has a long history, starting out manufacturing devices for other brands, including the very first Android device, the G1, only more recently building a reputation as a standalone brand.

The idea of an HTC Nexus device is thrilling to many and rightly so.  Likely, we will hear more about this during the lead up to Google I/O.  Although there is nothing solid pointing to HTC as the next partner at this time, it would be a much loved reunion by most Android fans.

Source: DigiTimes

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