Switch Back To Old Gmail Compose Window (Temporarily?)

Dealing with change is hard, and the modern internet changes sometimes more often than we’d wish for. It’s happened to Facebook, MySpace, and the latest victim is gmail. For those of you who feel like change is a terrible thing, there is a way to delay it (we hope it can become something permanent where users get to choose!).


In order to keep using the old design, you have to access your “compose” window to create a new email message. In there, the new pop-up window will appear, and then you’ll be able to head down to the small arrow in the lower-right corner. Click there, and a drop-down menu will come up, where you’ll be able to select “Temporarily switch back to old compose.”

gmail old compose

Seems like this is a temporary measure, and eventually, we’ll all have to get used to it, but until then, things don’t necessarily have to change. And hey, for all we know, the Gmail team might change their mind and combine the pros of both designs somehow. Here’s to hoping we can get to a solution that users end up enjoying!

Source: Slash Gear

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