Retro Videogame Cartridge Pillow Set by ThinkGeek

Insert your tired head on one of these cute old-school game cartridge pillows from online shop

Retro video game cartridge pillow set from ThinkGeek image 1

We all could use a nice comfy pillow after a long, eventful day, and wouldn’t it be oh so nice to rest your weary lil’ head on a game cartridge? Mind you these aren’t your common variety videogame cartridges made out of unwelcoming plastic — not at all.

These two retro videogame cartridge pillows from are plush and quite soft. Albeit, missing an air of true NES authenticity due to licensing fears, but I think whatever Lava Jump or Unicorn’s Revenge are make adorable substitutions.

And unlike real NES game carts, the only real care these pillows need is a light washing (a damp cloth and some detergent) from time to time — if you must blow on them for nostalgic sake though, well that’s okay too. Just be warned, you will get judgmental looks for doing so.

Retro videogame cartridge pillow set from ThinkGeek image 2

Right now you can get these two awesome, snugglable retro game cartridge pillows – perfect for any living room or bedroom – for a steal of deal, $34.99 USD for both head rests. Yes, you get both pillows for one price, or YOPO (You Only Pay Once) as the cool kids say.

So go forth to if today’s item meets your fancy; if not, then perhaps something else – say spectacular illustrated NES Castlevania maps or the world’s smallest phone charger – will right here on your neighborhood friendly Walyou.