One-of-a-kind Nike Air Jordans Sport A PlayStation 4 Look

These stunning sneaks are by a UK designer are PS4 fanboy approved.

JRDN 4 X PS4 image 2

If you’re looking for a fashion statement that proudly describes your gaming allegiances, then look no further than these pair of custom Air Jordans styled after the PlayStation 4.

They’re called the “JRDN X PS4”, and are the brain child of United Kingdom artist Jonny Barry from FreakerSNEAKS, a website devoted to coming up with unique sneaker designs not found in your everyday Foot Locker. Indeed, these shoes are truly something else.

Using a pair of jet black Air Jordan 4 – a fine vintage sneaker selection I might add – Barry has stitched PS4 and PlayStation logos at almost every turn, specifically on the back end, loudly and proudly. And for the tongue, an image of the ardroable trouble-making robots from the PS4 augmented-reality game, The Playroom.

JRDN 4 X PS4 image 1

The PlayStation fanboy pièce de résistance though (pictured way above): A HDMI port built into the sole of the shoe. Ridiculous? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Working? Nope. It’s for pure show, along with the Jordan-branded HDMI cables that come with the shoes, and make for a neat carrying cord when plugged in.

Barry plans on making a limited run of ten JRDN X PS4’s at a price of around $950 each, more than twice the price of a single PS4. Pretty outrageous, but then so are these custom sneaks. Interested parties should send a direct email to [email protected] or contact Barry on Instagram at freakersneaks, if they’re seeking to purchase a pair.

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