Optimus Prime Wedding Cake

You know what would be romantic? A honeymoon in a reconstructed Cybertron. Okay, maybe not, but Transformers references are always cool, anyways.At least, that’s what this cake baker thought.

Marie Porter knows what she’s doing. She is an incredibly talented cake artist from Minnesota, who has written two cookbooks about the subtleties of creating incredible looking cakes and meals: “The Spirited Baker” and “Evil Cake Overlord”. She does no longer take requests, but couldn’t help but to make an exception for a friend’s wedding, creating an incredible cake depicting the Autobots’ leader Optimus Prime.

The funny part of the story comes when she mentions not being familiar with the cartoon, so she went around asking a couple friends. Their answer was all the same: “The Michael Bay movies never happened, so don’t you dare to reference them”. Good call, guys. Maybe a bit harsh, but good call.

Via:  When Geeks Wed

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