Food Dunkin' Donuts' Experiments With Subliminal Advertising

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Experiments With Subliminal Advertising

Subliminal ads’ try to capitalize on urges and immediate desires, so hey, I’d be a perfect target for it every morning, huh? Guess I’m doomed… Dunkin Donuts Ad

That is exactly what the Dunkin’ Donuts’ team tried to do in Seoul, in South Korea. They basically combined the fantastic smell of coffee, using a device that looked like an air freshener, with their jingle. These devices were located on buses, and the add and smell would come out whenever they were around a Dunkin’ Donuts place. You sneaky, sneaky marketing team!

The project was called Flavor Radio, and you can hear more about it (and maybe get horrified at the advertising techniques, while you’re at it) by watching the video below. Be our guest!

Via: Dvice

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