The Overcomplicated Scarecrow

The Overcomplicated Scarecrow is here to scare away all those pestering crows off your field. Hope it does not scare you away too. Confused? Then read on.

The ‘over’ in the name ‘overcomplicated’ sounds a bit too redundant considering the fact that scarecrows are not at all complicated, and it would be fine to call this one just complicated. However, the crows and birds might find it to be overcomplicated since they might not have seen anything of this kind earlier.

This Scarecrow has got a pumpkin head, like the ones we see at Halloween, a hat, and ragged looking clothes. The clothes worn by the Scarecrow resemble to those of Batman for they have a purpose. Under the Batman attire lays a whole lot of electronic materials which do the job of “scaring away”. Using these parts, the Scarecrow manages to make a movement and create noises which are sure to scare away people as well, not to mention crows and birds.

If you see a video of the ‘noisy scarecrow’ you will notice that when a movement is detected around it, the Scarecrow creates a strange sound and opens up in a vampire style. The electronic circuit flashes lights and the head starts spinning at top speed. I bet that no crow would stop to take a look at the entire ‘show’ of the Vampire style scarecrow, for it will be gone long before that.

When it comes to people passing by, they are sure to notice the entire show and might enjoy it for a couple of turns. But if one has to live in a vicinity of such a scarecrow it is sure to become a little too troublesome. Apart from these, the scarecrow might be used for some other purpose as well.

Thinking minds always come up with some brilliant ideas. Though it is doubtful whether this scarecrow will be used for its original purpose or not, it is sure to grab eyeball. Anything that is done differently does get a good audience. Maybe we could see some of this in the next year’s Halloween show.

This though funny seems to be quite effective! Robot Falcon Scarecrow and Anti Theft Gadget Designs are some other innovative gadgets that can scare birds and thieves away.

Via: Hackaday