The iPhone 4/Gameboy Hybrid

What you are about to see is one of the most innovative, and craziest, gadget mash-ups that one would have laid eyes upon. The iPhone 4 and Nintendo Gameboy are leading tech gadgets in their segment. When someone has a brainwave of combining the body frames of the two gadgets with a third working gadget sandwiched between them, it amounts to a whole new level of creative craziness.A Japanese designer who goes by the pseudonym, Goteking, has designed a Gameboy/iPhone 4 hybrid, which has a HTC touch Android-based mobile phone embedded in between. Before you rack your brains and think of a reason why the designer needed to do this, let us assure you that there is absolutely no reason behind this madcap hybrid. Just think of it a surrealistic piece of gadget art.

The Gameboy/iPhone 4 hybrid has two sides (or faces) to it. On one side is a white Gameboy cover replete with functional buttons; on the other side is an iPhone 4 body that looks like the real deal. Both body frames are white in color.

The design so far looks like an innovative mod. The wacky side of the hybrid begins with the HTC mobile phone that is placed in between the two covers. The mobile phone is not just a showpiece, like the two covers, but an actual working model that can be used like a regular mobile phone.

To use the mobile phone in the hybrid, the user has to slide the phone 4 cover up. This would bring the user interface of the HTC mobile phone into view. The user can then make calls, send messages, and do everything else that can be done with a normal mobile phone.

The wackiness of the Gameboy/iPhone 4 hybrid goes further when you realize that the iPhione 4 cover can do some freaky things in the dark. The central menu button lights up in a green and blue color tone. The rear of the cover lights up in red with a line of Japanese text scrolling from top to bottom. Though the lighting may not make a lot of sense, it adds to the charm and allure of the hybrid.

The Gameboy/iPhone 4 hybrid by Goteking has a mix of design aesthetic combined with madcap creativity. This could very well make the hybrid body mod a cult accessory for Android-based smart phones. There is a video posted on Youtube that shows the hybrid in action.

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