Look Out Pac-Man: It’s a Trap!

Are you guys ready for some more Pac-Man art? What am I saying. Of course you are – and this time, it’s in 3-D … kind of.

Pac-Man Illusion

Here we have a video uploaded by Brusspup on YouTube to show off his magnificent creation. The poster sits in the middle of his otherwise blank wall and gives the illusion that Pac-Man is at the end of a hallway with three vulnerable and nervous looking ghosts on the other side of three adjacent maze walls. This is the kind of 3-D technology I can buy into.

You don’t have to wear silly glasses or stare all squinty-eyed at a mess of Jackson Pollock style colors created by a computer. Or so I thought. The real magic behind this poster is that the parts that are supposed to be “further away” are actually jutting outwards (incidentally, this literally makes the poster 3-D art. High-fives for coincidence!).

This is only really noticeably at the end of the video when he/she puts the camera to the side of the poster. A lot of the illusion comes from the subtle shading around the borders and the pronounced shadows on the left side of each wall. I admit that for a moment, I felt a little cheated by this illusion. It’s sort of like how I felt after learning that the guy who was “magically floating” was just leaning forward and balancing on one foot.

In any case, Brusspup was nice enough to load up some tutorial videos on his channel so if you’d like to put up a cool illusion on your wall to impress all your friends, make sure to check them out.

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