Ms. Pac-Man Cake is Sweet and Sassy

The Pac-Man aesthetic has long been a popular theme in the world of nerdy desserts.
After all, the visuals of the game are both simple and extremely attractive – the brightly colored ghosts and player character contrast really well with the plain black background. This cake design by Melonqueen follows this theme, but with a few differences, first it’s Ms. Pac-Man as the starring character, and second, the characters are presented in three dimensions.
Ms Pacman Cake 1
It’s rare to see a “modernized” 3D depiction of Pac-Man, which is surprising; the classic cabinet art clearly depicted an anthropomorphic character. It’s even less likely that Pac-Man’s sassy sweetheart, Ms. Pac-Man, will rear her red-bowed hair in the world of desserts – also surprising, since her starring game was widely considered to be superior to the original Pac-Man. It introduced less predictable enemy patterns, warp tunnels, different stages, and of course, bouncing fruit.

Sure, the Ms. has been featured in wedding cakes like this two-tier delight, but her role here is relegated to being a cake-topper; the game depicted is clearly Pac-Man’s. Luckily, this cake is all about Ms. Pac-Man and her marvelous misadventures with the adorable Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue – and yes, Clyde has been replaced by Sue. I’m not a big fan of how the ghosts were portrayed – they’re just too blobby – although they do look fairly believable for 3D ghosts.
Ms Pacman 3
A big black slab cake can be quite plain on its own, even when decorated well, so I like the addition  of the edible Atari controller. Its bold relief elevates the figures on the cake to really look three-dimensional. The idea also reminds me of the design of this Pac-Man birthday cake that also features an Atari controller, though on this cake, it’s the only part of the design that has depth.
Ms Pacman 2
On a gastronomical note, the white chocolate pellets may not look the best but they definitely bring a more interesting flavor to otherwise blandly sweet fondant. Maybe even just flipping the pellets around so the points stuck down in the cake would have been a nice variation.
Ms Pacman 4
While I like the way the fruit looks on this cake – especially the slightly browned banana and the shiny cherries – I think it would be fun idea to serve this with a basket of real fruit. It’s a bit overwhelming to have so much going on the surface of this cake at once, though it still looks really tasty.

Now that we’ve seen a Ms. Pac-Man cake, the only thing left is for someone to make a cake depicting the infamous Level 256 glitch. It’ll happen – count on it.

Via: Technabob