Pac-Man Ghost Lamp Available at Firebox

This is one lamp Pac-Man might not have at his place, but could easily be in yours for being amazing.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp image 1

Pop-quiz, readers! Can you name me the four ghosts that chase Pac-Man and his pellet-eating family through their maze-centric levels? Without checking Wikipedia for help, yeah, neither can I (uh, Blinky, Pinky, The Brain, and Curly Joe… right?). No matter folks, because you don’t need to know their names to have a nifty piece of furniture based off those neon-colored ghouls.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp from online shop Firebox is precisely that, a frighteningly awesome tribute to an arcade hit that dominated the videogame landscape during the 1980s. Geeze, they made a flippin’ song about it that went to number one on the pop charts, that’s how crazy people were for Pac-Man. Some type of “Pac-Man Fever” I think it was called.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp image 2

Coming in at 20cm height wise, this officially-licensed lamp is rightly appropriate for any type of table or desk, and when placed, it even appears to be floating in mid-air through a bit of slight-of-hand craftsmanship. But the ghost lamp’s main attraction – one well worth its $56 dollar price tag – is the ability to change into a rainbow-swath of colors.

Via remote control, users can easily swap between 16 different hues, including the four bright iconic colors of their virtual ghostly equivalents. There are also four separate lighting options (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth… whatever that is…) and a built-in dimmer, making this lamp not only a wildly fun item of video game memorabilia to own, but a practical one.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp image 3

I guess I don’t need to say much in order to persuade you into checking out this particular lamp, and honestly, I don’t think I need to. In some form or another – be it an arcade cabinet or an over-priced cent mobile app – we’ve all been introduced to this monolithic title as an entry point into video games. To which I believe, we owe a lot for – at least I do.

So my friends, why not make a little space on that dorm-room dresser or dinning-room table for a groovy lamp with so much vintage gaming flare. Oh, no money? Well, that I can understand; I’m certainly no money-bags, myself. Good thing it costs nothing to partake on Game of Thrones characters in Anime form or Eerie 3D Projections of Deities on Trees here on Walyou.