Custom Wooden Pacman Ghost Tables

If you were bored of your existing coffee table, you could go ahead and get these quirky Pacman Ghost Tables that look totally out of this world.

Anyone who is a Pacman fan would know that there is something very geometrical and symmetrical about Pacman and that this orderly pattern suits furniture designs. That is exactly what the guys at Masters of Fate (artist R.Fitzpatrick) concentrated upon when they unveiled these cool Pacman Ghost Tables.

The tables come in several custom colors and you could ask for any color you want. Each table is hand cut and is sanded and primed in a custom manner. After this, the table undergoes through a process of paint coating almost 15-20 times. The tables can be bought in different sizes and it is not necessary that they only have to be coffee tables. You could ask for custom sizes which would be appropriate for your living room, kitchen or even your home office.

The tables are designed and crafted in Austin, Texas and their cost range between $145 and $495 depending on the size that you choose. You may also want to try and purchase the Retro Pacman Coffee Table that we had featured sometime ago. Do take a look at the Pacman Bookcase, which is totally out of this world too.