Great White Shark Attack Birthday Cake

There is something really intriguing about sharks and the way they display their gnashing set of teeth. If only they weren’t so terrifying and dangerous, they actually could have passed for being strangely cute.

Nonetheless, Ben’s father still finds these sharkey creatures cute and sweet and created a Great White Shark Attack Cake for the kid’s birthday. He used sponge cake as base and used different colored icing to decorate the cake. Candies and sweets were used to create eyes and other parts of the shark.

Sugar paste that dries quickly was used to cut out teeth and stuck to the shark’s gaping wide open mouth. In order to make the birthday party successful, the father kept a whole lot of goodies inside the supposed belly of the shark, and coerced the kids to remove the goodies without touching the teeth.

The entire process of assembling the cake and removing goodies from its stomach seems to be incredibly fun and can be a great idea for you to adopt if you were planning to throw a party yourself. Apparently, Ben’s favorite TV show is Deadly 60 with Steve Backshall, and is crazy about wildlife. This cake certainly must have made the birthday boy happy! You could also take a look at the Dalek Birthday Cake, Super Mario Cake and Iron Maiden Cake which look mouth watering as well.