Pebble’s New Android Appstore Features eBay, Evernote and TWC Apps

The above apps are only a few of the pleasantly surprising ones found in the long awaited Pebble Appstore for Android.

Launching the metal-wristband Pebble Steel wasn’t enough for this wearables manufacturer, as the software needed to be rejuvenated, as well. iOS users got access to the new app store a few weeks ago, so Android fans got a bit restless, seeing that their version is running late. Luckily for them, Pebble took the veil off its app collection now, and some of the partnerships the company signed to populate the store are simply impressive. There is a Mercedes-Benz app that warns you when your German car is about to hit road debris, and even one that lets you control your smart home from the gadget placed around your wrist.

The three most important partnerships that Pebble announced are with eBay, Evernote and Time Warner Cable. The app corresponding to the auction site enables Pebble users to look for new products and add them to a Watch List. At the moment, you cannot buy things using your smartwatch, but maybe that’s for the better, as it gives you more time to think.

The Evernote app, on the other hand, is a simplified version of its smartphone counterpart. Basically, it enables you to checklists, reminders and notebooks. Typing on the Pebble smartwatch is still in the experimental phase, so it might take a while till people would actually be able to write down important stuff in the Evernote app from Pebble’s Android appstore.

Time Warner Cable’s iControl app developed in collaboration with this wearable tech company enables the users of Pebble smartwatches to control their IntelligentHome. You’ve got to admit that this is pretty innovative, since no other smartwatch manufacturers tried have ever tried this.

Last, but definitely not least, there are new clock faces in the app store, since in the end, the Pebble must act as a watch too, right? If you happen to own a Pebble, regardless if it’s Steel or the classic version, you should go to Google’s Play Store to download Pebble’s new appstore.

Pebble’s update of its app store stands to show that no matter how good the hardware is, without adequate software, it might as well be used as a press-pappier. Luckily for us, Pebble 2.0 delivers more than we could ask for.

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