Keep Your iPhone 6/6S Safe with a Peel Case

Knowing just how much iPhone 6S costs, it would be a pity to buy one and not protect it using a case as inconspicuous as the one made by Peel.

The iPhone 6 may not have the best build quality ever (remember Bendgate?), but at least it ranks well in the design department. The aircraft-grade aluminum used in the iPhone 6S seems to have done away with that problem, as well, so in this particular model’s case, we’re left to admire the design without having to worry about the device bending in the back pocket. The problem with owning an expensive smartphone is that we’re often confronted with a choice: protect it properly by using a bulky case, or leave it bare, risking to get it damaged? Peel made a case that enables you to thoroughly protect your iPhone 6 or 6S without the added bulge of a massive case. For the next three days, you can find it in our store, Walyou Deals, at a discounted price.

In old mobile phones, the display was really the only part we needed to be careful about, but with modern smartphones that often retail for hundreds of dollars, we have to pay extra attention not to get them scratched, or even worse, drop them on a hard surface. We often trade protection for bulkiness, but that’s no longer the case with Peel’s case, which retains the shape and form of the smartphone, while also keeping it safe from accidental drops.

Measuring only 0.35mm in thickness, the Peel case is designed to be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Knowing as how both the iPhone 6 and the 6S have a protruding camera, you might think that this couldn’t possibly be protected when using such a case, but in fact the Peel case covers it with a subtle lip.

It should be noted that this Peel case is only compatible with the iPhone 6/6S, so if you’re using another model, you might have to look for other options. However, if you decide to buy one, you can choose between two color options: Space Gray and Gold, depending on the color of your iPhone. After all, you wouldn’t want the case to be in stark contrast with the smartphone’s body, now would you?

The Peel iPhone 6/6S case can be purchased from Walyou Deals for $24.99, a $5 discount from the original retail price. Granted, there are cheaper iPhone cases out there, but they won’t offer anything near the grade of protection provided by the Peel one, and that while being almost invisible to the naked eye. The product is shipped for free to addresses from all over the world, but any import taxes are solely your responsibility. If you place an order within the next 3 days, while the deal is still on, you can expect have it delivered between February 13 and 16.

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