Philips DesignLine TV Sets Blend Seamlessly Into Living Rooms

The Dutch electronics manufacturer will launch in the near future a new line of TV sets that were built with interior design in mind, as they look like a seamless sheet of glass.

Judging by this YouTube video, it would seem that Philips has had this line of products in the works for more than two years. The latest addition to the product range is represented by a TV set that could be easily mistaken for a decorative item. Basically, Philips’ telly has nothing in common with its counterparts from other manufacturers and simply wants to redefine the box as you know it.

As the company stated, “The new TV carries the Philips DesignLine hallmark of lightness and transparency; a TV without a neck, without a stand and without a visible frame, one seamless sheet of glass leaning against a wall.” The organic design of these products has been inspired by nature, but apart from that, every single detail is about innovation and technology. The glowing light that surrounds the TV set is not a new concept, as it has been used in the past by Philips. Its role is to calm the eyes when watching TV extensively. From a certain point of view, Microsoft’s Illumiroom concept reminds of this feature.

Rod White, Senior Creative Director at TP Vision, a company that was involved in the development of this TV set, declared: “By consciously designing a system which offers implicit performance, but in a language focused on interior context we offer a true Object of Desire. In standby mode, the TV’s frameless glass front displays a smooth, translucent flow from black opaque to transparent, which becomes invisible when watching TV.”

According to the reaction seen on DailyMail, people do not seem to be happy about this design. Some of them talk about unpractical the design is, since it is difficult to transport and even to move from one room to another, while others are concerned about how Blu-Ray players and video game consoles would look like in the vicinity of this TV set.

Philips DesignLine TV sets will be available in the UK soon for the equivalent of $3000 for the 46 inch version to $4200 for the 55-inch one. The prices are steep, to say the least, but the research and development that have been done for creating this product need to pay off somehow.

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