Don’t Worry about H2O Getting Into Your Phone with HzO

If you are a klutz when it comes to your cellphone and water, rather than having a reserve of cash for new phones, maybe it is time to invest in a new technology that will keep your phone waterproof.

I do not know about you, but my cell phone tends to meet water on a number of occasions. And while the ol’ rice in a bag trick tends to work every now and then on older phones, on smart phones, it is a pretty good assumption that once your phone meets water, it is time to get a new phone. (Only bonus of this – phone upgrade!) But let’s face it – water is the kryptonite of cell phones. But sometimes it happens. And it sucks. I have panic attacks about losing contacts and spending money I do not have on a new phone. And while there are cases that allow you to listen to music on your phone while in the shower, what about the possible dunk into the pool, or worse yet, the fall out of your pocket and into the toilet move. (Ewwww, but it happens.)

Now there is HzO. First talked about at the recent CES 2013, this new technology offers a protective coating resistant to a majority of liquids, including coffee, soda, and sports drinks.

HzO offers a WaterBlock waterproofing method to any electronic. It has a “chemical vapor deposition process,” coating all the circuitry with an invisible bonded molecule shield.

Unfortunately you will not be able to just go out and buy it on the market. Electronics manufacturers, including the makers of smart phones will need to apply HzO to their process of manufacturing. Hopefully soon manufacturers will start using it…or at least this is what I, and thousands and thousands of people around the world, are hoping.

(Via: Gizmodo)

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