Blow Your Tie, Make a Pillow

One of the worst things that could happen to anybody when they are working in front of a computer is to fall asleep without their knowledge and rest their head on the keyboard, unwittingly though.

This Pillow Tie here seems to be a quick-fix for that problem which bugs almost all of us. The Pillow Tie is inflatable and can be blown before sleeping to turn it into a pillow. The best part is that you would not even have to remove the tie and all that you would need to do is keep the tie on the table after blowing it well and rest your head on it to fall asleep. The makers claim that it is great for ‘busy executives, sales managers and anyone who wears a tie to work.’ What I do not understand is how it could be used if you do not have a cabin of yours and how you would explain blowing your tie if someone caught you off guard.

A hilarious invention, the Pillow Tie only makes me think about the conditions in which employees of corporation who work longer have to deal with stress and fatigue. While it may seem funny to people when they read about the Pillow Tie, falling asleep at work can only mean that you are not sleeping enough, or that you are not healthy enough. Even boredom cannot make you fall asleep unless you have slept less than 8 hours the previous night.

Moreover, falling asleep while at work could be a sign of narcolepsy, which is a serious disorder that needs to be treated by medical professionals. If you are falling asleep way too often at work, more than this tie you might need a doctor who could help you to sleep well at night and report to work all charged up. You could also take a look at this Tie for Smokers. If you are tired of ties, take a look at these Office Workplaces to Die For.