Legend Of Zelda Elementary School Music Video: Epic AND Cute!

The Legend of Zelda brought to by a precocious talented gang of kids. A video that’s guaranteed to make your heart grow three times as large!

While he’s consistently changed in some shape from game to game, Link from The Legend of Zelda has always been intended by his creators (you know, Shigeru Miyamoto) as an in-game representative of the player. It’s the reason why at the beginning of each and every  Zelda title the game allows you to change his name; hopefully to that of your own, though I’m sure that’s not always that case, you jokers.

Along with that, and the simple story of an average boy setting off for adventure with just a sword and shield, are what make the character of Link so appealing to gamers. He’s you, me, your best buddy — as long as you’ve got courage, honor, and possibly a couple magic potions, oh a Triforce piece too, anyone can be that green tights-wearing hero from Nintendo.

Geeze, Link can even be a tiny cute pipsqueak and his schoolyard pals just like in this awesome YouTube video, a fan-made film that so adorably sweet that you might want to visit your local neighbor dentist for a routine check-up afterwards.

You know, a saddening thought just came into my mind after watching this video… This is likely the closet thing we’ll ever get to seeing another Zelda game in the bright cartoony-mold of Wind Waker. *Sigh…*

Oh well, let’s not get too down my peeps — how about you cheer up by seeing a fantastic artist create portraits of Yoda and Darth Vader using only salt, while I go bomb some some Dodongos. Yeah, that should brighten our spirits in no time.