Ping Pong Ball Apartment Brings Out the OCD in You

It is a well known fact that apartment spaces in New York City can be very difficult to find, either to buy or rent.

When people do find a decent place to live, the apartments can throw nasty surprises in terms of dinginess, ventilation and drab decor. The city is not only a hub for business and banking, but also a throbbing underbelly of art and culture. Thus, one gets to see some of the most avant-garde interior decor in New York apartments, like the one decorated by this Brooklyn artist, who covered an entire loft with ping pong balls.

The loft contains a bed to sleep and a place to change clothes, and the minimalist furniture is surrounded by ping pong balls stuck on all the surrounding walls, giving a surreal pixelated look. The artist used more than 25,000 ping pong balls to cover the loft and cost him well over $100 per square feet.

The unnamed artist must own this apartment, as landlords in New York City can get peeved easily if you tried to modify the interior of your apartment. This must be one of the most interesting apartments to live in, and can be an obsessive compulsive person’s hell and heaven.

While the room would prompt the obsessive person to stare at the walls continuously in order to satisfy the need for orderliness, he would compulsively count all the balls and form imaginary patterns, and start it all over again. That was an unkind thing to say, but being a little obsessive myself, counting the balls endlessly all through the night is what comes to my mind when I take a good look at this really cool room.

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