The Fascinating World inside a Pirate Ship Bedroom

The best days of one’s lives are those spent in childhood. And the bitter truth is that those days never come back. However, we all get to relive those days through our children. In our children we see ourselves and try to do everything for them that we might have wanted for ourselves. To achieve this goal some of us go to great extents. For example, these parents from Minnesota decided to create a dream world for their six year old in his bedroom.

The little boy was given the options of a space ship, race car and castle tower. But what actually created the magic was the Pirate Ship design. Like any other six year old, this boy was also fascinated with the pirate world and so decided to have a world of his own. This was a challenging project set up before designer Steve Kuhl and his team. But like a true sportsman he accepted the challenge and went out to achieve it. The end result is absolutely stunning and fabulous looking.

When you enter the room you notice a wooden ladder next to which lays the jail cell. The ‘wonderfully’ done jail cell door has been made of steel to give it that jail effect. You climb the ladder and from there take your adventurous trip to the ship. A rope bridge connects the ladder to the ship. Once in the ship you can easily see the helm and the crow’s nest at the top.

The helm of the ship is the most striking feature in the bedroom. It hangs from the ceiling but yet has a very sturdy build. The hull has been strewn with cannon holes which also serve the purpose of eye holes. Sitting up there in the ship every little pirate can get a view of all activities taking place in the basement. Every entry and exist in the room can be monitored.

One can’t give a miss to a single feature of the Pirate design. The base of the hull has a hole which gives instant access to the closet below. So if there is an emergency to change clothes all that is required to do is climb down the rope and get the desired change. Another very fascinating feature of this entire set up is the slide exit. You go round and round and are out of the tunnel.

The walls of the room are not to be ignored. Being a ship there is bound to be water. A magnificent sea life has been created on the walls of the room to accentuate the sea life factor. With designers like Steve Kuhl it is sure that every child’s dream can be turned true.

As a child, I too longed for my bedroom to give me a Pirate ship like experience. Don’t you think these – Space Age Bedroom Set and Tetris Couch are equally attractive designs?

Via: Geekosystem