Cake Invaders! Space Invaders Cake Mold For Geeky Occasions

Back in 1978, a hostile group of warriors from another planet attempted to take over the Earth using the controversial, but devastating tactic of slowly moving closer and closer until they reached the surface.

Thanks to a few brave men and women armed only with a sliding laser cannon and rolls and rolls of quarters, the attack was thwarted and our humble home planet remained free. These events were immortalized in the classic video game Space Invaders later that year.

The game went on to become one of the classic old school arcade games, and prepared a generation for the inevitable day when the blocky aliens returned to finish what they started. That hasn’t happened yet, but the cubist shape of our would-be conquerors’ vessels has become an iconic symbol of retro gaming. And now it’s also a cake mold.

Available for pre-order at Perpetual Kid for $14.99, the Space Invaders cake mold is a perfect gift for all your baker/retro gamer friends. Even if you don’t have any of those, the Space Invaders cake mold would still make a great gift for anyone who ever faced a legion of alien attack ships with nothing but an easily destroyed roof over their heads.

Just don’t burn it like these guys did.

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