PlayStation 4 brings back couch co-op… online

The days of couch co-op, playing together and even passing the controller can be relieved in the most unique way thanks to Playstation. Keep reading to learn more.


Sony has been doing quite right by gamers as proven by their most recent console, the Playstation 4 selling over 10 million consoles in less than a year. Still, far from being complacent (let’s not forget, Microsoft scored a big one after naming Crystal Dynamics’ Rise of the Tomb Raider their most recent exclusive!), the Sony team are still looking for new ways to entice fans.  One of these ways comes in the form of an update for the PlayStation 4, which starting from update 2.0 will be able to do what Sony deemed Share Play.

Share play basically means that the couch co-op (that is, playing together with friends using two controllers, or just passing yours along) can be done remotely, via the Internet. This is more than just online multi-player, this means that gamers can play without having to buy two copies of the game: say, you’re playing Diablo 3, and your buddy can join right in without having to buy Diablo 3 himself, as if he/she was sitting right next to you. Just like the good old days, except without leaving the house. Gamers can take turns, or play simultaneously if the game allows it, which is literally a game-changer, as it means to bring gaming to the masses: gamers now get to play whether they own the game or not, as long as one friend does.

Sony named some games that are already working on getting this functionality up, amongst which we can count NBA2K, Towerfall and Child of Light for now. System software update 2.0 for PS4 will come out “this fall”, and will also allow gamers to upload footage to YouTube amongst other new functionalities.