The cycling revolution: SKULLY Smart Motorcycle Helmet

A car has space for smart devices and gadgets, but a motorcycle not so much. Where there’s space, it’s gotta count, and the helmet seems the perfect place for it.


Gadgets & motorcyclists can still potentially happen if the team behind the SKULLY concept have it their way: this is a next-gen smart helmet that does more than protecting the wearer, as it incorporates some of that technology that up until now didn’t seem compatible with bikes, such as rearview cameras and GPS navigation systems.

As of now, the SKULLY is looking to be funded at Indiegogo, where it has already raised the initial pledge of $250,000, and ready to start production. Still, it has 29 days to go, and many features that could possibly be added with more pledges.


Make no mistake: the SKULLY is no cheap toy, as the initial required pledge to actually receive one is $1399 USD, but it has plenty of features to justify that price. From the aforementioned GPS and rear-view cameras to software that allows hands-free calling, integrated audio (yes, on a motorcycle!) and Internet via pairing with your own phone, the SKULLY is meant to replace every other gadget you could possibly need while on the road. Check the video below these lines to learn more.


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