Pokedresses Designed for the Runway

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and one dress designer opts to imitate the popular characters of Pokemon and turn how they look into runway-ready dresses.

 Who doesn’t love those beautiful dresses that all the hottest celebrities are wearing down the red carpet? I know I love them…and wish that I had a bazillion dollars so I could afford to have dresses like those. (Although when and where I would wear them is a completely different question, one that I don’t have an answer to other than, “In my apartment while I cook dinner and watch television.”) Bur you have to wonder (I do) where the designers get their inspiration from. How do they come up with such pretty dress designs. (I can barely come up with an outfit for work…black tank top and jeans have become my M.O.) One designer has opted for an interesting form of inspiration…Pokemon.

The artist takes this:


and turns it into:

Ivysaur Dress

How amazing is this Pokemon dress, or, as the artist calls it, a Pokedress.

Take a look at some of the others the artist created! Which ones would you wear out for a night on the town or for the opening of a new movie?!

Butterfree Dress

Metapod Dress

Caterpie Dress

Blastoise Dress

Wartortle Dress

Squirtle Dress

Charizard Dress

Charmeleon Dress

Charmander Dress

Venusaur Dress

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