Sweet Pop Star Portraits Made From 5,000 Candies

Some people are so attached to their pop stars that they would even make portraits of the celebrities out of sweets.

The 32-year old Mexico-born Florida-based artist Cristiam Ramos says he got the idea of using sweets instead of paint for portraits four years ago in a park. He noticed a child smiling after his dad gave him a candy to soothe his pain. It was then when he realized that candies make people happy, regardless of their age. If you ask me, I think he could have thought of that long before that, during his own childhood. However, after this revelation, he asked himself if people would like to see portraits of their favorite singers or actresses made out of Gummy bears and gum.

The first portrait depicts Marilyn Monroe, the American actress, singer and model who turned into one of the most famous sex symbols of the ’50s and ’60s. As all of the other portraits, this one is made out of almost 5,000 candies including after dinner mints, Gummy Bears, liquorice, M&Ms and bubble gum.

Next is Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, circa 1995. No offense, but in his last years, he looked nothing like that, mostly because of the aesthetic plastic surgeries that no one would admit that he had. Still, Michael Jackson’s surgeries are not the main topic here, but his portrait made from sweets. This is probably how all of his fans want to remember him.

If all the other pop stars are not unknown to me, I must admit that I had no idea who Nicki Minaj was prior to writing this post. That’s probably because R&B and hip-hop are some of the music genres I would never listen to willingly. However, it seems that miss Minaj is a rather famous singer, otherwise she wouldn’t have had her portrait in this gallery, would she?

Lady Gaga, probably the most controverted celebrity of the last decade, the female Marilyn Manson, also got her portrait made in this manner. However, the hairstyle the artist chose for Gaga is rather dull, considering that this singer is known for some of the most unusual coiffures ever.

Beyonc√© Knowles also made the list, unsurprisingly. One thing to remember is that the celebrities pictured here are not the only ones in the Mexican artist’s gallery. For example, a Sandra Bullock portrait is pictured in the next video, and there sure more of them, just as sweet.

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