Two-in-one Leather iPhone 5 Cases & Wallet from MapiCases

If you are looking for a high quality leather iPhone 5 case, this Tion case by Mapi Cases can do a great job. And along with it comes a beautiful wallet leather case , too! What a combo.

This two- in-one case is giving those who just hate to carry a wallet along but can’t live without their iPhone a great solution. With this holder you can just minimize the things you need to carry in your pocket. I know a lot of guys that just hate carrying a wallet, so this is a great little gizmo for them.

This case is handcrafted from high quality gloss leather and is specifically designed for iPhone 5.  The stylish Tion case is available in 4 different colors: black, brown, red, tan and white and retails for $50. You also get a nice bonus with it, the case is delivered with a luxurious drawstring pouch that can be used for storage as well. Here’s a front and back look of this case.

Each case has three card pockets that are designed in the back of it and can hold your credit, debit, or ID cards firmly in place by the use of a sturdy snap closure. Of course since this case is especially made from your iPhone 5 you’ll have all of the openings to your camera, flash, earphone, speaker, volume control, and battery charging port ready in advance,   so you can use regularly your phone’s features without removing it from the Tion case.  For more iPhone 5 cases check out The Best iPhone 5 Cases.