Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate From ThinkGeek

Turn an ordinary light switch into a sweet gaming relic from the arcade age.

Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate Image 1

As a kid of the late 1980s and early 90s, a dream of mine growing up was to one day own an arcade. I’m pretty sure we all shared that idea, and why wouldn’t we? Arcades to our kid brains were cherished places, another world hidden from our own, full of alluring lights and sounds emitting out of arcade cabinets that could unlock other worlds.

Such awesome times are long gone now thanks to the almost non-exisitant state of the coin-op business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive those days in a small, yet totally fun home-decor way. Say hello to ThinkGeek’s Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Panel ($29.99 USD), a miniture, totally functional, arcade joystic that mounts on any standard-sized outlet.

Pushing up or down on the joystic causes the Power-Up Arcade to activate the source, while the two red buttons near it respond with properly cool arcade sounds (I’m gonna guess that they’re Pew! and Pow!). And installtional seems effortless, too: just grab a screwdrive and follow ThinkGeek’s directions. Surely, it looks easy in the video below.

Word of warning though, don’t be too rough on this stick. It looks near identical to the kind you use to pull off a Hadoken in Steet Fighter II, but its not made with the same use in mind. This is just a cute plastic toy, kind of like the cute plastic toys – a Lego gokart or a NES toaster for example – we write about daily here on Walyou.